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 Hmm... Radio Server for Hamachi?

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PostSubject: Hmm... Radio Server for Hamachi?   Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:11 pm

Well, I found out that SHOUTCast works with Hamachi. For those who don't know Hamachi look in uploads section.
For those who don't know SHOUTCast, SHOUTCast is a plug-in for Winamp which allows you to create a radio stream. You must have portforwarding skills to do this btw.

If you want others to listen to your station, they need Winamp, which is downloadable here: Winamp.

I've started a radio server, but it's not always active, so if I'm in Hamachi I can start it.
With the music you like ofc Wink

Just open Winamp and go to Play URL (or Open url, that kind of thing). Type in:
If it's online, then you'll hear the THPS3 Radio for Club oD!

It's also possible with WMP now! Download here
Online player here: player
NOTE that it's not online always.

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Hmm... Radio Server for Hamachi?
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